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Davide and Daniele Trivella, twins brothers, are internationally know as one of the most interesting piano duets.

Winners in Miami the most important competition for piano duo “Murray Dranoff”.

Their extraordinary performances have impressed juries of other the most important national and international piano duet competitions.
Due to their success, they have been invited to play by many important concert associations in America, Russia, Israel, Far East, England, Germany, France, Austria, and of course, in Italy. Wherever they play, they capture the audience, including music critics, with the originality of their style, their extraordinary unison and their highly communicative interpretations.
In the year 2000, during a concert with the pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard at the Venice Biennale, they performed Schoenberg’s transcriptions and piano works, impressing both music critics and lovers.
Their versatility can be seen in their vast repertoire, ranging from 18th Century music to contemporary music; it includes some fundamental works of the twentieth Century such as Messiaen’s “Visions de l’Amen”, Hindemith’s sonatas, the orchestral works op.16 by Schoenberg/Webern, and Stravinsky’s works for duet, Ligeti’s Monument, but also works by jazz composers such as Gershwin, and Gianluigi Trovesi ( works which the two brothers often re-elaborate) and works by contemporary composers such as Piazzolla, Giovanni Sollima , Ernesto Rubin de Cervin (Offerte and L’ Ultimo Corale in first world-wide performance ).
Davide and Daniele Trivella have developed their music talent with Alberto Colombo in Milan, with Pier Narciso Masi at the Accademia Musicale in Florence and also with Katia Labèque at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, Alfons Kontarsky at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Alexander Lonquich in Loano, Bruno Canino in Milan and Thérèse Dussaut in Paris. 
They have played for Rai Tre (Roma), Bayern 4, Radio France, Radio Israel and they have made CD with Phoenix Classic.

It is worth mentioning Cape Classic Festival ” ( South Africa) tour dates in February 2006. In 2006 in the U.S. they performed the two pianos concert ” Dance Variations” by Morton Gould. Afterwards, in occasion of Mozart Bicentenary in Bangkok, they played the concert K 365 and then performed at Worwick Festival in England.

In 2008 and 2009 they were invited to perform Ligeti and Messiaen’s works at the Austrian Festival of Hall in Tirol.

Among their latest performances it is worth mentioning the ones in Miami for the tenth anniversary of Murray Dranoff Competition, the recital at “Bergamo Musica Festival” and then the performances at the 49th “Festival Pianistico di Brescia e Bergamo” collected in a CD and a book published by Lubrina.

Since they were children -even if only when thoroughly inspired- they have been devoting their time to composition, often composing piano duets.

Their pure and nostalgic creativity is in counterpoint with nature. True poetry directed to the soul.


In February 2015, touring in the United States, they performed on the stage of the New World Center in Miami. On that occasion they presented pieces for two pianos by John Adams, John Corigliano, Lowell Liebermann, Alice Ping Yee Ho, Gabriela Lena Franck. Davide and Daniele transform their recitals into real performances that blend the abstractness

of the music into the physicality of the gesture, involving the audience not only acoustically, but also in a visual and emotional way, evoking thoughts, memories, emotions. Keys at times caressed, at times violated, pinched strings, bursts of exotically tasting percussion, their performances are able to capture even the most critical audience, thanks to the impeccable technique, the unique style, the harmony, the extraordinary and great communication skills, and interpretation that transforms a simple execution in an event that is enjoyable not only to hearing but also to the eyes. They combine concert work with an intense composition work, and here their creativity is expressed in a form pure and nostalgic in counterpoint with nature and an authentic poetry of the soul.

In 2018 they were engaged in the recording of contemporary pieces for two pianos and in the “Piano Slam 10” project in Miami.

In 2020 they created the 4HANDS PIANO FESTIVAL.

4HandsPianoFestival 2021 4 Hands Piano Festival – HOMEhttp://4handspianofestival.it



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